Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Heresy Miniatures

Heresy needs your help.

"Well, since things are going very badly financially speaking, I have resorted to finally putting some of my unused-and-never-will-be-used GW Forge World stuff on eBay. This stuff has been sitting in the boxes since I got it back in 1999 when I painted a load of stuff for Forge World (It amuses me no end that for the last 13 years the standard template for painting a Drop Pod has seemingly been based on my design, and that my Ultramarines Land Raider was scanned into the Dawn Of War computer game for one of the animation cut-scenes - no credit given, natch...)

The collection includes a complete set of 40k Road Sets - the main Road Set, and the Bombed Road and Strafed Road sets, which as I understand it are very rare indeed on Ebay and thus very collectible - and very heavy, do the postage costs are a a bit scary for Overseas, I'm afraid, but we'll see what we can do about that after the auction is over (possibly splitting them into two smaller packages may bring the costs down a little)

The auctions are live now! I need you all to do me a big favour - If you're on any 40k or Warhammer forums and think you might know someone who'd be interested please start a thread and point them in the direction of


10% of the proceeds are going to the charity Children In Need, the remainder less fees is going to Andy In Need! (Boiler repairs, Salute fees, car repairs etc etc etc, not to mention the costs for the Forum of Doom itself! Help me keep this place up by getting your chums to buy that thing they always never knew they wanted!)"

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Well you know what have I said, Ive said where I come from in terms of what I make and Ive said what I do in reguards bases and some scenic stuff so what else can I say.

You know what it dawned on me that I havent really welcomed you all to Spectre Scenic Products. My name is Stuart Randall, I started producing a small range of Wargaming bases this year in the august of 2012 after well it could be termed procrastination it could be called learning it could even be something hitting me telling me what I should be doing. Spectre Scenic prducts is a small independent UK wargames bases company trying to supply high quality hand cast resin accessories and wargamer kits to add peoples own personality to their own forces

I would like to pride myself at the momment in fast delivery whenever possible. You know as a disabled guy this is something that could be the crux of the issue somedays im great somedays I can barely get out of bed with the pain of it all but ill work something out to ensureyou get your products.

By purchasing my products, you are helping me to make a living doing what I love. I appreciate every single order and will do my utmost to ensure you have a great experience.

I will reply to emails promptly, and do my best to help with any request or query.

I will ship the product to you as fast as I can and ensure its well packaged.

I offer a no-hassle refund if you are unhappy with your product for any reason, please email me if youd like to return anything and I will send you the details.

Great Quality

Every single component is individually inspected as it comes out of the mold to ensure that it is completely is upto the standard that I would buy it and I review my molds and master parts and replace/remaster as nessecary. I also take feedback about the quality of my wares serriously already discontiuning one specific line, This ensures you get the best i can make

Great Product Range

As I expand I intend to venture into different areas I have several sci fi scenic bases ranges as well as all scales of terrain, In the future maybe I might make vehicles and larger kits. I also intend to expand into conversion parts and modeling aids allowing you guys to maximise your models with ease, I value your ideas and thoughts and will actively consider suggestions for new products.

Great Value

I was a gamer I still would like to continue but I know I dont want to price myself out of the market by making things for you as affordable as I possibly can.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I had a lovely message. I do have a love hate relationship with the Evilbay but today jsut warmed my heart my feedack was

VERY talented sculptor of bases! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Positive I was well impressed with myself so I had to say thanks for the praise and the feeback. I wasnt expecting any more untill I read

No problem Spectre - its deserved! Its a great base & now iv got it im debating with myself who gets the honour of being mounted on it - I do GW's 40K & I was originally intending it for my Imperial Guard Colonel/General/Bossman but now iv got it im thinking it will suit my Eversor Assassin - the one with the severed head in his hand! - goes with the theme perfectly (ill send you a pic when im done of you like)

Wish i could sculpt like you matey. Im told Im a pretty good painter (commission standard) but I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with greenstuff sculpting - the only things i can sculpt are easy things like hair & beards on existing minis, fill cracks, make bases look nice ect (I did model some guts coming out of a dead/wounded space marine a couple of years back - that came out pretty well) but thats pretty much my limit - Keep up the good work -

i LOVE wounded/dead on mini bases - you sont see nearly enought! I would buy more - ill check ur shop now but Id like some "Terminator" sized bases similar to this (dead sci-fi humans ect if you do them. Ill take a look now.

Kind regards & hope to do business in future

Will & Chantelle

Gives me the will to keep on rocking !

Saturday, 27 October 2012

You know what, On here I havent said or shown what my stuff is like. So Im going to show it warts / bad lighting no photo shopping all so without much more grace or finnese (ill save that for my sculpting)

Thats all he wrote. That said I'm not quite so happy or bouncy today as I would normaly be. This week ive had some bad news. This led to a sever fit of nerd rage and with that I discontinued one range of mine. My trenchwork range tchunka I ended up discontinuing the bike range. My customer sent them back and having recived them I found out that they had been obliterated. twenty bases sent 3 came back in a serviceable condition. That said I was never so struck on them and they did lead to many issues in casting so so longfarewell Tchunka 25 x 65 bike bases

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Moving things on

Today has been a rather odd day, Filled with the normal highs and lows but filled all the same, Thing is I'm finally starting to see things turn a corner and something slaps you back down in the face. After celebrating that I'm finally moving not only my hobby tools but my bases I then get a horrid message. the message said that my bases were not fit for purpose and that the buyer wanted a refund.

He didn't want to look at my other ranges but I always had some what of a gut feeling that this particular line of bases was always going to be pain full, Well I say this line what I mean is this subtype of this line. yes they are pants. So I now have discontinued some of my stock (a bad sign for a fledgling company like my own. but that said my others are selling slowly and selling is the word I hope.

What I do have plans for is

General products include
Static grass,
Basing flock,
Basing grit/sand
Clump foliage
Caulk chunks
gravel chips etc etc re bagged and re branded in my own way likely supplying my customers more for there money than my competitors do but what I do want to do is resin as many different forms

Sandbag/trench setups in a modular way so players can build their own command bunkers etc etc, 15mm houses and terrain for ww2 games, Sci fi crates and shipping containers and bombs not to mention alien type drop pods and the likes. In short I want to do more stuff than I do now but I still want people to buy it. I also want to look at it myself and think I would want to buy it if I were to see it in a shop or Hobey store not to mention keeping prices low. So what to do when times are tough well keep going and hope I build a customer base.

As a fledgling company I wouldn't be able to keep going had I not got this gnawing pain in my left leg and back driving me on. Giving me crazy ideas If I hadn't id be working in some dumb ass job now going to work at 6am and finishing at 6pm never seeing my children and being too tired to help my wife. My disability helps me see things differently. Sure at the moment I'm not earning much cash from this job right now its true but what I am earning goes straight back into this venture. You may think that's a fools errand but what I am seeing is something a little different.

For example I already have my first stockist. Some great guy called Martin from a store hes setting up called red giant games. He saw enough in my offerings to order £300 worth of stock from me and darn I cant wait to see it in the store but what I can do with that £300 is spend in to get new products as now its got to the point where my investments in my products are equal if that is the correct business term.

But now I have these moulds and a new pack of !0kg of resin, what should I do? well ill now go and see what I can achieve with this £300 could I spend a fortune on a new flat screen TV and sit back ? no I shall now go and buy some more equipment to make flock, Static grass and clump foliage, Not to mention Ive now started adding tank traps and cargo containers to my product list. Things are starting to expand and instead of EBay I'm contemplating a web store

Things in these tough times will be working out better, I'm going to make sure of that.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The beginning

Over the past few months I have been throwing away greenstuff like its gone totally out of fashion but behind this there is a reason. I have been improving my sculpting and my skills for a reason. I want to sculpt miniatures bases and possibly even tanks cars ect ect in the future. But like we all have to make money and since loosing my job due to the economical climate and being unable to fit somewhere else I have found myself in a catch 22 situation.

I'm too old for some things but still to young to sit about and fill in endless application forms in McDonald's to only be told that the management position that I was applying for has already been filled by someone just over half my age. Not to mention since 2001 I have suffered with constant agony with nerve damage and a condition called Chronic pain syndrome of high serverity since I was hit in the back by the forks of a forklift truck at work so I have found it very hard to return to a manual job

So with that in mind what I present to you is me moving forward looking for gain full employment within my own set up. 

Spectre Scenic’s has been launched in March of 2011 with my own core product concepts and a ethos of providing people with the best product I can physically make and adding other lines and products that I can make I want more realism, believable scale and uncompromising quality whilst trying to deliver fair pricing than some other people in big organisations selling there own products.

At Spectre Scenic’s we hope to produce products that help us gain the popularity of peoples hearts minds and bank balances leading to more customer centric attitude manufacturing items that are to be used in the most popular of miniature war-games.

Ill admit here we do not have staff that can try hands at painting at the level of some of the bigger producers but we have the drive and spirit to offer great products and in all scales, no project is too big and we pride ourselves on no detail too small.

Having modelled sculpted for over 20 years and having sculpted more models than I care to remember I started from blobs of mill put back in the day to now be producing great textured floors and miniatures for my own private collection that have had rave reviews from my friends and just as importantly my opponents I hope to bring these very same products to you.

Right now we have a few things going on, Each base is 25mm round detailed with battlefield debris from our scenic range. These are ideal for displaying personalities, role playing characters and for huge awesome effect whole armies! Sets of ten usually retail for about but for larger quantities I can readily supply as many as you would require just contact me so I can do the figures and work it out. 

I will be expanding the ranges that I have soon to include cavalry sized bases, Monster sized bases and many more sizes. If you need I will be more than happy to update you about the size and range I am working on at present.
I am currently working on larger sizes for my ranges, these include


25x65mm rounded bike bases in the Virmire, Sovereign, Reaper, Pallivan and the Tchunka range

Round 60mm diameter bases in the Virmire, Sovereign, Reaper, Pallivan and the Tchunka range.
Round 40mm diameter bases in the Virmire, Sovereign, Reaper, Pallivan and the Tchunka range.


20x20mm square bases in the virmire range.

25x25mm square bases in the virmire range.
25x50mm square bases for cavalry in the virmire range.
40x40mm square bases for monsters In the virmire range.

The more joy I get from this will lead to other products like just for instance a re sculpted vision of the Ass Cannon ? Possibly even my version of the classic jugger ? Who knows

Ill have pictures available soon but for now Id like to thank you for reading this post, Hopefully it will be the first of many for many years to come.